Cold winter morning


Cold winter morning

I stay in my bed

waiting something that let me get up

will be not the future

will be not the your money

I think that nothing would let me go out


Cold winter morning

I would break all thinks

but thinking again is better stay here

there is no work to do

there is nobody says : you do that!

you must only think about your dreams


Someone are knocking at my door

and I think is her

and I hope that she comes in

but thinking better

I please that anybody

don't open, don't open, don't open the door


(assolo chitarra)


Sunlight is in my room

but I also feel cold

it's not enough for make me sing

I don't care

if my life is going away

I let my shadow

do what it wants


Many children are playing in my garden

sure that their life will be ever so

not think that death day is near

last lights are gone close

it's bed times for all good boys

but it's not the time

for one alone like me


(assolo chitarra)